Over the years, Rupert has hosted many of the world’s most thought-provoking artists, writers, researchers, curators, activists and practitioners working in fields that encompass the arts, film, geography, philosophy, economics and law––to name just a few. With our three interrelated programmes––residency, public and alternative education––we have explored a range of ideas and had many conversations, some of which have been made public in showcases, exhibitions, talks and events, others of which take place in the corridors, studios and kitchen at Rupert. Rupert’s Journal is an online resource that allows us to expand and continue these conversations.

The journal includes specially commissioned contributions; an archive of our past talks and events; reading lists and resources from our monthly reading sessions and texts and documentation from our exhibition and events.

Rupert’s Journal is a continuation of our five-year anniversary publication––which you can access here––where we started to gather together the brilliant perspectives of those who have been associated with our organisation and programme.

The contributions are uploaded throughout the year and generally relate to the ideas and practices Rupert focuses on each year.

We aim to make the journal as accessible as possible and we are committed to putting in the work to researching and implementing accessible online formats. If you have any suggestions for us to improve, please email us at info@rupert.lt or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.